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Hunting in Canada
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We fly north over New Foundland across mores, forests and fjords to the village of St Anthony, not far from the remains of Leif Eriksson's habitat. In the middle of nowhere next to and ice-cold, clear mountain lake we find our hunting lodge, with all comforts you could wish for. From here we take on the hunt for bear and the prehistorically giant moose.

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In the middle of the forest the bears are awaiting. Never have you felt as alone as you do when you are sitting in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, miles away from you nearest neighbour. Even thought we hunt in early summer there is often quite a lot of snow on the ground, so prepare for the cold. And even though New Foundland is on the same latitude as London and Paris the climate is closer to what you expect from north of the polar circle.

The Canadian Bear is a challenge for most enthusiastic hunters. We live in the middle of the wilderness and spend hours every day the get the opportunity to meet him. And it is a challenge - even more so when you consider that the weather can change from sunshine to blizzard in just a short while.

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We are alone with the beasts and suddenly; you hear the sound of the bear. Very carefully, you take the shot... Missing is not an option.

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